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Hi! My name is Danielle and I am a certified Pet Tech® Instructor. I have two corgi kids and they are the reason I teach Pet First Aid and CPR. They are “my girls” and the loves of my life (beside my husband, of course) 😉 About a week after we got Crash, we got the call to take a job overseas in Russia. The first thing my husband did, before even telling me about the job, was to find out if we could take our girls with us. We could and we did. While living over there, I realized that if something happened to them, it would be very difficult to get them the help they needed. All of the elements of living in a foreign country would make an emergency very difficult to act quickly. Then the unthinkable happened – my girls and I were attacked by a pack of dogs on the way home from the market. Suay broke free and took off running down the street. I thought I had lost her forever. Long story short, both of my girls were fine but I vowed then and there to learn how to take care of them if any unfortunate situation came about again.

Before we even got home from Russia I started researching Pet First Aid and CPR. I discovered Pet Tech® and planned to take the class as soon as I got home. Then I found that I could become an instructor and help other people learn to be the first responder for their pets. It was a no-brainer. I had to get certified!

Why did I choose Pet Tech® specifically? Pet Tech® is the premier Pet CPR, First Aid & Care Training for pet parents and pet care professionals. If I was going to learn and teach this information, I only wanted the best of the best. Pet Tech’s Mission Statement is “Improve the quality of pets’ lives, one pet parent at a time”. I believe whole-heartedly in this mission and want to do what I can to improve the quality of life for as many animals as I possibly can. Won’t you join me?

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